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What is Social Collective Intelligence?
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3D animation of SOCIAL-IST Research Challenges

The SOCIAL-IST consortium has created an animation that allows to visualize the Research Challenges emerged...

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Social-IST final conference available for live-streaming!

The 2013 European Conference on ‘Tackling societal challenges with Social Collective Intelligence and ICT!’ is...

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Social Collective Intelligence & The Future of Work

The financial and economic crisis that started in 2008 had the effect of destroying many...

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Online consultation on Social Collective Intelligence

The Social-IST partners have just opened an online consultation to gather inputs from the scientific...

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Computational Social Science

[ September 19, 2013 ] Technology-mediated social collectives are taking an important role in the...

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Social-IST 2nd Workshop – Proceedings

On May 29 the second Social-IST Workshop took place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The workshop...

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